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How trinitarians contradict the king James bible and who God is?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The trinity is a pagan doctrine with the representation of (3 separate godheads), and dates back as far as the 3rd-4th century. SOME PAGAN SYMBOLS BELOW

Jesus was clear that he didn't come of Himself, neither does he speak of himself. [JOHN 12:49 KJV]

When he said "before Abraham was I AM" , That was the Father speaking through him. [JOHN 8:58 KJV]

The Father Begot a SON and later manifested ALL POWER in heaven and in earth IN HIM, the Father possessed His son with the fullness of His Holy SPIRIT bodily. In the picture below is a biblical view of who God and the Lord Jesus Christ is

The trinity represents 3 separate godheads, and many false teachers are deceived into thinking it means 1. the trinity is a pagan deception adopted by the catholic church and later snuck its way through the Christian church to pollute many. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CHRISTIAN GOD AND PAGAN god IN PICTURE BELOW

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